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Micro Home

Microhome is a mobile, prefabricated sustaiable container, intended to provide home for a young professional couple to get away from the craziness of urban living. It's a shelter that has ability to adapt well to any environment and any given site that the couple is willing to choose outside of city. Microhome with the rotation characteristic can orient itself towards numerous different angles saving itself from the lateral forces without requiring additional reinforcement. It can orient itself such that the windows face away from dense southern sunlight on the warm summer days. Rotation to best possible angle paired with the contain- er's 'floating' linear layout allow for wind to slide over and beneath the unit subsequently the need for vertical in-wall minimizing bracings. This ability also helps maintain the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of- container which we sought to achieve in the process of design.

Microhome is responsible for any given surrounding environment where it's going to locate. Its modular based design can be permutaions and can be formed into a variety of configu- fit in the landscape and potential fluctuating topography of the site. Microhome is also a welcoming place for altered into variuos rations to better visitors and guests; This couple might have some guests time to time or their family might grow in future, therefore we anticiptaed additinal one or two floors to be stacked on top of the current 25m2 footprint to accomodate them. Interior finishes are provided from the closest resources to the site and are warm, cozy and textured to bring the outside nature in.

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