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M1-Terminal Sub-Surface Ceiling

Istanbul Airport


The new Istanbul Airport, as the jewel of the Middle East and the gateway to Turkey, has a very special importance in that every guest gets the first impression of Turkey and evokes the crossroads of different cultures.
The most prominent features in the design of the New Istanbul Airport are; The use of old Turkish architectural art in the design of arches and columns and creating a fluid transition feeling on the surfaces. For this reason, arch, dome and courtyard design were considered in the design of the under-bridge façade in front of the Airport, and neutral colors were used in the body of the design and red colors were used as the symbol of the Turkish flag. Since there were repetitive arches in the past Turkish architecture, this project also consists of a repetitive modular form.

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As a work of art, this project design will ensure that all perceptions of the viewer are included in the space and will create a different feeling for the passengers under this unique space. This design combines well the sense of fluidity and movement of the airport space with the old Turkish architecture and will create a kind of natural symphony orchestra feeling by playing with the wind with light, color, volume and sound (if it is possible to move these hanging pipe).

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